• 115 LB Capacity
  • Low Center of Gravity: Makes the OM-80 easier to push and roll with less effort.
  • Easy cleaning – No tools needed.
  • Ergonomic safe pump handle.
  • Curved Handle: Ergonomically designed handle makes the OM-80 easier to maneuver.
  • Quick Disconnect Hose: Makes the OM80 easier to store when not in use.
  • Small footprint for storage.


  • Lower Hose Connection Position: Leads to less oil in the hose and less chance of hot oil falling onto the floor.
  • Oil Grooves: Catches excess oil dripping onto the OM-80 and funnels it back into the unit.
  • Hinged Cover: There is no removal of the Oil Cover. The OM-80 has a piano hinge so there is no need to remove the cover.

Unit does not include: Rinse/Discharge Hose

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Shortening115 lb

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