MB-85B: High Volume Fryer

The MB-85B is a Multi-Basket, High-Volume Fryer with basic controls. Resfab’s fryers help streamline and simplify operations while ensuring product consistency and safety.

Multi-Basket Configurations:

The Multi-Basket set-up allows for the use of three 1/3 sized baskets (which come standard) and/or two 1/2 sized baskets (which can be purchased separately)

Zero recovery Time

The operator can fry batch after batch without waiting for the fryer temperature to recover.

Energy Star + Energy Saving

  • Energy Star approved for high Efficiency at 93%
  • Insulated Pot maintains oil Temperature

Safety Comes First

Lift-up heater for easier cleaning

Front Panel

  • Easy access to the Power Switch, Thermostat and
    Hi-Limit Reset.
  • Indicator Light is ON when the heaters are on. When the light is OFF
    fryer has reached temperature.
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Operational Videos
Operation Manual


  • Two half Baskets
  • Third size baskets

Easy to use controls:

  • Main Power Switch (waterproof)
  • Hi Limit “ON” Indicator Light
  • Hi Limit Reset
  • Heating “ON” Indicator Light
  • Temperature Control Knob
get PDF file
Operational Videos
Operation Manual