MB-50ATV: Ventless Autolift Fryer

The MB-50ATV is a Multi-Basket, High-Volume Auto-Lift Fryer with Touch Screen Controls, Built-in Filtration, and numerous features. Resfab’s fryers help streamline and simplify operations while ensuring product consistency and safety.

Multi-Basket Configurations:

The Auto-Lift Systems allows for the use of one large basket or two independently operating half-size baskets.

Idle Mode Saves Energy & Increases Oil Life Span:

Between loads and or busy periods, an idle mode allows the operator to be in a “stand-by” position leading to significant savings in energy consumption, preserves oil quality and extends oil life.

Energy Savings “Sleep Mode”:

Fryer automatically goes into Sleep Mode at 200º after 30 minutes of non-use.

Zero recovery Time:

The operator can fry batch after batch without waiting for the fryer temperature to recover.

No Manipulation of Hot Parts:

The filtration tank slides into the fryer and automatically connects to the pump pipe, and the pump reset is accessible since there are no panels to remove.
The risk of injury is greatly reduced.

Easy and Safe Transportation and Removal of Shortening/Oil:

A removable carrying handle attaches to the filter pan allowing for safe removal and transport of oil (which comes equipped with casters).

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Integrated Fire Suppression System:

The ventless fryer comes equipped with an integrated (Ansul R-102) fire suppression system. The unit is ready for the final charging and testing to be performed on site by an authorized Ansul distributor.

Integrated Alarm System.

Unit has self contained alarm system with interlock ready to connect to the store alarm if required by your local fire code.

Ventless Hood System

Exceeds EPA Standard 202 for the release of particulate matters and meets NFPA 96 standards.

Indicator Light:

An indicator light will go on to provide advanced warning that the filter needs to be replaced.

Air-Flow Sensor:

A built-in sensor will automatically shut off the fryer if the HEPA/Charcoal filter is not replaced when required.

Guaranteed Performance:

If the filters are not installed or secured properly an “interlock” system will not allow the fryer to function.

No filter over-ride without PIN.