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“Resfab, by far, is a premiere Fryer, and we are very pleased with our continuing partnership.”

Brian Unrue, Director of Operations, Clark’s Pump-N-Shop

I just want to thank you for making such an outstanding product. Your fryers are the best in the industry, and I have not found another fryer out there that cooks our products as consistent as yours does every time. I will continue to recommend Resfab to all our customers that are looking to replace or purchase new fryers both now and in the future. Thanks again, for making such a great quality product.

Jeff Lohser, Director of Sales, Milford Valley

“We have 3 Resfab Units (85AT’s) at our locations and will be ordering another very shortly for a fourth location. They have performed great in our high volume locations.”

Grand Central Stores, Wisconsin

“I have 2 Resfab units and have been very happy with them. The fryers have performed flawlessly and have helped me grow my chicken program, expanding into two locations and soon to be a third location.”

Tony Haddad, Haddad Oil, Chicago IL.

“We have five rural locations with Resfab units, Resfab has been there for us for all of our needs. The ease of use has helped with our employees in training and busy customer demand. We will be purchasing several more Resfab units as we continue to grow our fried chicken business.”

Lowe’s Market, Texas

“We have 4 Resfab units(1 MB-50AT,1 MB-85AT,2 MB-502ATs), we are remodeling two other locations that will include Krispy Krunchy Chicken and Resfab Fryers and Hot Cases, we wouldn’t have any other brand in our stores. The ease of ownership from ordering, install, training, and operation have made us dedicated Resfab customers.”

Yasin Mohammed, YKN Industries Texas

“We have 2 Resfab fryers (MB85-ATs) in one of our locations, we are expanding the Krispy Krunchy program in one of our other locations and will be purchasing 2 more MB-85ATs for this location. The volume that these fryers can handle is like no other. We have been able to keep up with any and all customer demands for fried chicken. We have used pressure fryers in the past, and they do not compare to the ease of use and shear volume the Resfab’s can handle.”

Jim Wadsworth, The Store-Wadsworth Oil Company. Clanton Alabama